It’s simply worth working with us

After you have chosen to work with us, as with other clients who have already done so, you will find that with us the return on investment is the highest.
BLAU Pharmaceutical Services works HARDER, more PROFESSIONALLY, more CREATIVELY and has a LARGER staff!
With us, you will find a receptive ear, an open door, and a willingness every day of the week to handle those things that are important to you such as receiving marketing authorization for a new medicine or medical device, preparing a patient leaflet in various languages, establishing and upgrading a quality system for the purpose of selling drugs or medical devices, pharmacovigilance, inclusion of products and/or medical technology in the National Health Services Basket, and more.
A few months ago we participated in a conference in the field of regulatory affairs, where the General Manager of one of the largest and most experienced companies in the USA that provides regulatory affairs services stated “clients will only truly feel the added value of cooperation with you once at least ten years have passed from the establishment of the business”. In hindsight, we understand how much this is true: the feedback we now receive from our customers is much better than what we received during the first years after the company was established. We are determined every day to continue to increase our clients’ satisfaction.
The vast experience that BLAU Pharmaceutical Services has acquired during its years of work in Israel has led to, amongst other things, receiving many marketing permits for innovative and generic medical products (chemical and biological), as well as for medical devices and cosmetics.

Knowledge and Regulation

Thanks to the excellent knowledge of worldwide regulation and particularly in Israel, perseverance, attention to details and excellent working relationship with the authorities, the company’s clients were able to expand their product portfolio, which led to growth in their business activities.

The company’s offices are located in a 24/7 secured office building in Ra’anana in order to guarantee you that your most important asset, the registration dossier, will be kept in a discreet manner, safe and with no concern that someone will expose it to unwanted parties.

In order to guarantee your satisfaction, BLAU Pharmaceutical Services acts in accordance with the international quality standard ISO 9001. This quality system is implemented regularly in the company and assures organized, effective and consistent care of registration projects, independent of how many projects are being handled.

Our professional staff…

The advantage to our clients…

prepares high quality registration files orderly and organized registration files, includes all the content required by the Ministry of Health (MOH), the file is convenient and well organized for MOH assessment, as a result less questions arise during the registration process and the registration process is shortened
provides updates and schedule assessment (projects status) during the registration process allows precise business planning for the client
are numerous, efficient and hardworking you can provide us with many projects, simple and complex while receiving dedicated and professional care and achieving goals that were set in the shortest possible timeframe
supports and assist your professional staff adds flexibility at the beginning of new projects and ongoing work in cases of high workload or reduced work force (vacation, absence due sickness etc.)
provides training and lectures to your staff a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements determined by the MOH, more precise planning of marketing plans, identifying issues that may affect the current or future business plans
is well familiar with the health market in Israel allows for achieving an advantage over competitors, increased sales and taking required steps at the right time
supply a wide and extensive solution in the field of drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and nutritional supplements registration including strategic consulting concentration of all services in one place, while providing courteous, professional and complete satisfaction

Proven expertise in regulatory consulting for the pharmaceutical industry