About Us

BLAU Pharmaceutical Services, certified with ISO 9001 standard, was established in 2005 by pharmacist Peter Blau with the goal of supplying extensive regulatory solutions and professional advice to the entire health market and particularly, the pharmaceutical industry in Israel. The company is proud to work with customers over the years in a discreet manner in close cooperation and transparency, allowing for achieving set goals and keeping agreed upon schedules.

Our customers include:

  • Multi-national companies dealing with development, production and marketing of drugs, medical devices and cosmetics
  • Local drug, medical equipment and cosmetics companies that represent different manufacturers abroad
  • Local drug, medical equipment and cosmetics manufacturers
  • Drug, medical devices and cosmetics companies that are interested in working in Israel

William Osler wrote, “The value of experience is not in seeing much, but in seeing wisely”.

Remember! We have many years of experience in supplying regulatory services, as one of our clients recently cited “life has taught me to that I must use consultants of at least ten years”.

About Peter Blau

Peter Blau has a vast experience in the Israeli and international pharmaceutical industry:

1991 – 1995: Deputy Quality Assurance Manager, Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

1995 – 1998: Regulator, Drugs Registration at the Pharmaceutical Administration, Ministry of Health

1998 – 2005: Regulatory Affairs Manager and Appointed Pharmacist, Pfizer Israel. Partner in establishing subsidiary in Israel

2005 – present: Establishes and CEO of BLAU Pharmaceutical Services

2006 – 2009: Council Member and Head of the Committee of Continuing Education, The Pharmaceutical Society in Israel

2013 – present: Professional articles published in the “Capsule” (The Israel Pharmaceutical Society circulatory)

The variety of regulatory activities at BLAU Pharmaceutical Services are derived from in-depth acquaintance of Peter Blau with the pharmaceutical industry in Israel and abroad.

  • The fascinating position as regulator at the Ministry of Health provided Peter with the wide knowledge of everything connected with the evaluation processes and decision-making at the Ministry of Health. BLAU Pharmaceutical Services leverages this knowledge for its clients!
  • The important role at Teva provided Peter with theoretical and mainly practical tools including: development and manufacturing processes at a drug factory, quality assurance and quality control (audit, self-inspection), preparation for client’s and health authorities GMP inspection, batch release to the international and of course to the Israeli market, handling manufacturing deviations, handling customer complaints and setting corrective and preventative actions (CAPA).
  • The key and challenging position at Pfizer provided Peter with vast knowledge in all that is connected with work processes of registration holders / importers, importance of effective planning and implementation of the work plan for the benefit of the organization’s success, the importance of ongoing profession trainings in order to initiate and adjust well to changes that occur in the regulation and health market, and of course to keep up with set goals in the schedule. Peter had the privilege of being the first employee of Pfizer Israel and during his seven years of work established the Regulatory Affairs department, Quality Assurance and the reporting and monitoring of adverse reactions (pharmacovigilance). BLAU Pharmaceutical Services uses the Pfizer Israel model in its daily work to benefit its clients, in the aim of supplying your maximum growth!
  • Since establishing BLAU Pharmaceutical Services, Peter has dealt with complicated regulatory cases, challenging and interesting, and succeed together with his staff to achieve hundreds of permits / approvals for drugs and medical devices, to guide clients’ employees in the field of registration, to establish quality systems in the pharma field and to provide strategic and professional advice to large and small companies in Israel and abroad.
  • Peter Blau is a pharmacist and has a Masters in Business and Administration, over the years, promoted the field of drug and medical device registration by being involved in committees dealing with legislation and drawing registration policy in Israel.

About the Staff

The staff is goal focused, professional and dedicated. The rich experience of the staff in the following fields allows for project completion in accordance to defined schedules:
  • Drug registration services, medical device and accessories, nutritional supplements, cosmetics.
  • Translation (Arabic, Russian, English, Hebrew), graphic design and printing of artworks (such as patient leaflets, carton boxes, labels and more), professional documents (such as clinical trials) and advertising materials.
  • Preparing requests to include medicines and medical technology in the National Health Services Basket (Medicines Basket) of Israel.
  • Reporting and monitoring adverse reactions and new safety information (PV – pharmacovigilance).
  • Batch release of licensed medicinal products and study medication supply for clinical trials.
  • Establishment, upgrading and maintenance of safety systems in accordance with the rules of GMP, GDP, GSP, ISO.
  • Training of experienced and new employees in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.
  • Strategic advice for pharmaceutical and medical device companies (local and foreign companies).

The common denominator of the staff in the challenging daily work at BLAU Pharmaceutical Services is professionalism and dedication while remaining ethical and complying with the requirements of our clients and the Ministry of Health. Since establishing the company, it has successfully handled many and varied projects in a quality and professional manner to its clients’ satisfaction.

Proven expertise in pharmaceutical regulatory consulting