Strategic Consulting

The health market in Israel and in the world is characterized by frequent changes, competitiveness, complexity requiring dealing with business challenges, and is subjected to broad regulation.
Understanding the business environment, as well as identifying problems of which the organization needs to deal with at certain periods of time, and presenting possible solutions, will lead to making informed decisions for your organization.
Making the right decisions for you at certain periods of time will actualize the relative advantages of the organization and enable achieving the predetermined goals.
At Blau Pharmaceutical Services we have
– A team of experts with broad knowledge of the medicinal, natural sciences and management fields
– A team of experienced experts that have successfully handled complex challenges in the health field for many years
-A team of experts that have previously worked at the Ministry of Health, and in innovative and generic international pharmaceutical companies
-A team of experts that is familiar with the health market in Israel inside out
Therefore we believe that we can assist your organization with making the right decisionsin order to act more effectively in obtaining the goals of the organization and actualizing its full potential.

Cases requiring strategic consulting in the field of medicines / medical devices / cosmetics

  • Entering a new market
  • Activities in a field that is absolutely unfamiliar
  • Preparing a business plan
  • Lack of success in achieving an important assignment
  • Dealing with complex regulatory requirements
  • A crossroad in which there is a need to choose the correct path for the organization
  • Response to legal challenges
  • Preparing a risk management plan
  • Effective conduct when dealing with customers and suppliers

Strategic consulting that we provide

Blau Pharmaceutical Services employs a team of the most experienced experts that acts successfully for many years in a challenging environment of the Israeli health market. The team of employees is available for you at any time to provide regulatory, business and marketing consultation in the health field, advice given based only on facts!

The professional broad knowledge that we have gained throughout the years, will enable you to receive full value for every consultation, including on the following issues:

  • Successfully handling challenges of the health market / the Israeli health market before opening an agency in Israel
  • Review of the health market in Israel and implications on considerations for marketing medical products
  • Audits by the Ministry of Health
  • Inspection and management of suppliers and subcontractors of the pharmaceutical field
  • Efficient management of the inclusion process of medicinal technologies into the health basket
  • Establishing a registration system for big companies and small businesses in the medical and medical device field
  • Handling rejection of a submission that has been submitted for the approval by the Ministry of Health (medicine / new product, addition to an existing license)
  • Creating a risk management plan and providing proper response to events that may jeopardize the business activities
  • Whether to renew a license of a medicine or medical device
  • A schedule for regulatory activities required before launching the product after receiving market approval
  • Rights and duties of registration holders from the point of view of the Ministry of Health, sick fund clinics, hospitals and pharmacies
  • Preparation and/or upgrading of agreements in the health field: quality agreement and safety agreement (pharmacovigilance)
  • Cost/benefit analysis regarding compliance with regulatory and marketing requirements of the health field
  • Business opportunities for importers of medicines and medical devices
  • Legal aspects accompanying local manufacturing, importing and marketing of health field products
  • Regulatory opinion for legal discussions

In conclusion,Blau Pharmaceutical Services is your business partner for making educated decisions during the various stages of the life cycle of products of the health field! We will provide you with the value you expect to receive for your investment.