Medical Translation

in this field is translation for the local population, whether for the medical staff or patients. In Israel, the Ministry of Health requires to translate different documents such as informed consent, patient information leaflet, instructions for use, safety information and more into the following languages: Hebrew – English – Arabic – Russian and sometimes additional languages are also required.
Mistakes or missing text in a translation may be costly, e.g. in a case in which there is a need for recall and may even lead to harm to the patients, e.g. due to incorrect translation of the instructions for use of the medicine or medical device.

With 10 years of experience Blau Pharmaceutical Services is happy to offer you, whether a business customer or private customer unwilling to compromise on the quality of translation, medical and pharmaceutical translation services of the highest level whilst ensuring the accuracy of the medical/pharmaceutical terms, clear wording throughout the translated text whilst working within the schedule agreed upon.
We work under a proven quality management system, Israeli standard 2008 ISO 9001, in order to provide you with a product that complies with the standards required by the Ministry of Health, international pharmaceutical and medical device companies, Israeli manufacturers and importers representing manufacturers around the world.
We are proud of the positive results of the quality audits conducted at Blau Pharmaceutical Services by our customers, and of the ongoing improvement in work performance and quality.
Join our loyal customers, because we care!

Requirements in the field of translation for medical institutions, importers andmanufacturers of medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and nutritional supplements

According to the data of the social survey of the Central Bureau of Statistics from 2011, 17% of those that are not fluent in Hebrew reported they have difficulty receiving medical services. Among those over 65 years of age the rate of people reporting difficulties in receiving treatment due to language difficulties reaches 23%
The former CEO of the Ministry of health Prof. Roni Gamzo, stated that avoiding to translate when the patient requires it, and translation by untrained personnel, especially when this person has no medical knowledge, is not moral nor professional for patients in the Health care system and therefore is not acceptable nor appropriate.

The important points that should be taken in consideration regarding translation of documents in the medical / pharmaceutical field are as follows:

The Ministry of Health requires importers/manufacturers (registration holders) to market medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements with printed artworks in the different languages according to regulations and procedures such as:
1. Procedure 43 – Labeling of packaging materials of a medicinal product department}
2. Guidelines for labeling medical devices {Medical device department}
3. Guidelines for labeling regular and dedicated cosmetics
4. Third supplement to the public Health regulations (food) labeling of food supplements
  • Similarly, the Ministry of health requires that the labeling (such as warnings) of study products will be in different languages as well as the informed consent form, notice for recruiting research participants (patients) etc., according to procedure number 14 of the Ministry of Health for medical research in humans.
  • Unlike other fields, the quality of translation of information and documents in the medical/pharmaceutical field may have serious implications including harm to the patient.
  • Successful marketing and promotional activities of medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and nutrition supplements for the various populations in Israel and outside of the country requires transformation of identical information in the different languages.
  • Medical translation must be performed by professional translators, who are familiar with the world of medical terms, well experienced in translation, both in the language of origin and the intended language.

Our services in the field of medical – pharmaceutical translation

It is important to us that the final product you receive will comply with the most stringent criteria’s, whether the criteria are of the Israeli, USA or European health authorities or whether your own or your associates requirements. We do not believe in shortcuts leading to compromise in – text accuracy, medical / pharmaceutical terms, and design. Therefore, the service you receive is given by a staff that has undergone substantial training and certification. It is a large, experienced and professional staff some of whom have previously worked at the Ministry of Health, a staff that is well aware of the heavy responsibility related to translation of a professional document in the medical, pharmaceutical, medical device, nutrition supplements and cosmetics field.
Blau Pharmaceutical Services understands the importance of complying with schedules agreed uponand operates an advanced project management system for achieving this main goal while protecting disclosure of information.
We are proud of providing quality services for many customers and translating the following, amongst other projects, for them:

Artworks such as: Leaflets, packages, labels, user manual

Marketing materials

Promotional materials

Clinical studies: Labeling, informed consent form, notices, guidance

Medical articles and reports

Agreements, contracts and other legal documents

Expert medical opinions

Official certificates of local and worldwide health authorities

Laws, legislations and procedures

Portals and sites in the medical field

Presentations and multimedia

Medical history, medical report

Medical – pharmaceutical translation services include:

    • Precise medical / pharmaceutical translation to Hebrew- English- Arabic- Russian, and if required also back translation.
    • Proofreading the translated text by an additional experienced translator.
    • Quality control during the process in order to ensure a high quality product to the customer’s satisfaction.
    • Graphic design (including graphic layout, addition of barcode and pharma code) in all software according to the customer’s request.
    • Printing of leaflets (including folding), booklets, labels and/or carton boxes in offset technology or digital printing up to 8 pantone more…
    • Constant improvement in performance due to customer feedback.
    • Ability to translate large multilingual projects
    • Translation performed by an experienced staff, with a medical, pharmaceutical, natural sciences education. Attention (!) translation is performed by company employees and your documents will not be transferred to a third party

Performing translation projects is a privilege for us and your gain!