There is no dispute regarding the importance of training within an organization. Expanding the knowledge and the skill of the manager and the employee contributes to the improvement of performance, reducing the incidences of mistakes and assists with dealing in a changing competitive environment.Blau Pharmaceutical Services initiates and performs diverse training activities that are conducted by experts in the relevant field. There are 3 courses: courses opened to the public, internal courses and personnel training (“one on one”).

Our trainings and workshops focus on a theoretical and up-to-date review as well as on practicality in order to maximize your gain versus investment.

Our main goal is to live up to your expectations, and therefore it is important for us to plan and conduct each training / workshop while focusing on the little details, which will allow you to understand the entire picture.

Why do experienced professionals and new employees require training

  • The Ministry of Health expects and has even set in place a number of procedures that have been recently published requiring pharmaceutical personnel to be updated regularly regarding the requirements of the authorities in Israel and around the world in the field of regulation and quality assurance.
    One of the effective ways to be professionally updated is by training, workshops and courses.
  • A new employee who is interested in working in the industry will improve his chances of acceptance to a job if his level of knowledge in the relevant field is wider.
  • Training by experienced professionals will allow you to adapt better and faster frequently occurring to changes.
  • Courses and practical workshops in fields you are not sufficiently familiar with will lead you to greater understanding of the business/professional environment, and will improve decision making on behalf of the organization.
  • As part of the promotional path within the organization you work in there is a need for deeper knowledge of the regulatory requirements and important activities occurring in the industry. This knowledge will contribute to your chances of promotion and accomplishing the career goals you set for yourself.

Training and workshop services that we provide

Blau Pharmaceutical Services sets a goal to share the vast information that the company has gained over the years, with organizations and individuals in order to eventually improve the quality of treatment for the end user, i.e. the patient.

Various trainings and workshops intended for companies and individuals, include amongst others:

  • Registration of medicines in Israel
  • Registration of medical devices in Israel
  • Registration of cosmetics in Israel
  • Registration of nutritional supplements in Israel
  • Pharmacovigilance (PV) – reporting of side effects and new safety information in Israel, Europe and the USA
  • Establishing and maintaining a quality system for receiving an importer/manufacturer approval certificate
  • Reviews and audits of importers, manufacturers, drug warehouses and transporters
  • QP (Qualified Person) – areas of responsibility and how to successfully perform the role.
  • Clinical studies – release of experimental batches, principles of quality assurance starting from the manufacturing stage and up to dispensing to the patient.
  • Health basket – from the initial submission and up to the public committees decision
  • Artworks for the medicinal/medical device/cosmetics/nutritional supplements industry – Ministry of Health requirements, initial preparation, updates and quality control of the process
  • Principles of editing regulatory agreements: quality agreement, safety agreement (pharmacovigilance)
  • Review of the quality systems of the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries: GMP, ISO and GCP
  • Pharma and medical device market in Israel: suppliers, customer and in between
  • What is permitted and prohibited when advertising medicines
In the event that you wish to undergo training in one or more of the subjects listed above, please contact us so we can tailor a training program to fit your needs.

In conclusion, using our experts and the experience we have gained over the years, you will receive practical tools, that can be implemented immediately!