Health Basket Services

The health basket services, known in Hebrew by its common, yet incorrect name the “medicine basket”, is a list of medical technologies given to the Israeli population by the health funds, funded by the state, according to the National Health Insurance law.
The detailed list of the health basket services appears in the addition to the law.
Medical technology is defined as a medicine, medical device, medical equipment, diagnostic or therapeutic medical procedure, health plans and organizations in which the treatment takes place.
The health basket services are given to insured patients with medical judgment, at reasonable quality, within a reasonable time frame and within reasonable distance from their residence, all subject to the conditions detailed in the law and its legislations.
Within the framework of the state budget, the state tends to increase the sum of money dedicated for the health basket services every year and it appoints a public committee, the health basket services committee that determines which medical technologies and additional medicines will be added to the health basket.
The total cost of the medicines and the medical technologies that are candidates for inclusion in the health basket services in any of the past years was much higher than the budget intended for the basket update!
Blau Pharmaceutical Services has great experience in preparing requests for inclusion ofmedicines and medical devices in the health basket services. We will even accompany you throughout the evaluation process of the requests by the Ministry of Health by determining a strategy that is most suitable for your products in order to increase your chances of their inclusion in the basket even though the budget is low compared to the one the state has assigned.

Decision considerations regarding the basket issue

Pharmaceutical / medical device companies, especially those dealing with innovative development and research, are forced to deal with a significant number of challenges throughout the long and complex path of including a new technology in the health basket services in Israel.
There is a need to operate in a knowledgeable manner with in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements, the budget restrictions, the opposition of the decision makers and the many interests of the players involved in the ring of updating the health basket services.
You, as the ones submitting the request for inclusion of the medicine, medical device or medical procedure, probably ask the following questions when starting out:
  • How to present the clinical, epidemiological and economic data in a persuasive manner?
  • What is the indication that should be stated in the request for inclusion of a medicine or medical device?
  • Is it possible to submit a request in a high professional level in a period in which there are many other, not less important activities to the company, to perform?
  • What will be the impression of the decision makers from the data presented in the request for inclusion of a new medical technology?
  • What is the appropriate price to suggest?

Following the submission you must be wondering:

  • How does the evaluation process of the requests for inclusion of new medical technologies in thehealth basket services take place?
  • What are the important factors that affect your success in achieving the goal?
  • How can you influence the decision makers so they will support the inclusion of the medicine, the indication or the medical device in the basket?
  • How to act in order to receive a high rating? (A8 or A9)
  • What are the correct ways to manage a negotiation in the critical stages of the public committee discussions of the health basket services?
  • In conclusion, what can be done in order to increase the odds of including a new medical technology in the basket?

Our services in the health basket services field

  • Including a new medicine or medical device in the health basket services may in many cases have a direct and significant effect on the success of your business.

BLAU Pharmaceutical Services offers you comprehensive support in the complex activities of including a new medicine, medical device or new indication to the health basket services. The service is customized personally to your needs at all times, and includes:

  • Management of the health basket field including planning, preparation of the request and submitting it to the Ministry of Health, and professional support throughout the process until the health service committee’s work is concluded.
  • Preparation of a request for inclusion of medical technology (new medicine, indication or medical device) in the basket: professional response to clinical, epidemiological, and economic requirements. Services of the appointed pharmacist with respect to submitting a request.
  • Determining a work plan in order to raise the awareness to the relevant medical field and the medicine/medical device submitted to the basket amongst the public and medical staff.
  • Preparation of a strategic plan for enhancing the support of the decision makers in the new medical technology.
  • Initiating extensive activities to promote the medicine, indication and/or medical device immediately after submitting the request
  • Regular meeting updates, including performing strategic changes if required.
  • Training of the health basket staff in pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
  • Handling the inclusion of new technologies in supplementary insurances of the health healt funds and health insurances of insurance companies.

In conclusion, Blau Pharmaceutical Services provides high standards of clinical, pharmaceutical, epidemiological and economic experience and knowledge that will ensure to maximize your chances of including the medical technology in the health basket services.